Global Harmful Algal Blooms

When and where: 2018-2020

Editorial Board: Michele Burford, Christopher Gobler.  Photos and other information will be gathered by networking with other people working in the area of cyanobacterial bloom management. The document will be reviewed by other experts in the field to ensure that the content is accurate, and captures the most current available.

The aim is to produce a short user-friendly document on strategies to mitigate blooms of cyanobacteria in freshwater lakes, reservoirs, ponds and rivers. The document will be used by water and environmental managers to help them determine what options are available for acute bloom events. There are many peer-reviewed scientific publications and other documents, but it has not been synthesized into a concise, targeted document summarizing all the information. We believe this information will be useful globally, as many of the same issues face water and environmental managers worldwide. The document layout and approach will be modelled on the successful R.M. Kudela et al. 2015. Harmful Algal Blooms. A Scientific Summary for Policy Makers. IOC/UNESCO, Paris (IOC/INF-1320).


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