Global Harmful Algal Blooms

When and where: Tuesday, 11 October 2016, Florianopolis, Brazi, 17th International ISSHA Conference on Harmful Algae
Conveners: Elisa Berdalet (Chair), on behalf of the GlobalHAB Scientific Steering Committee (SSC), Henrik Enevoldsen (IOC/UNESCO). 

The international HAB research community is invited to actively engage in GlobalHAB. Thus, the Town Hall was a fantastic opportunity to discuss the Scientific and Implementation Plan of the new programme, and to identify ways of dynamic participation.

The Town Hall meeting was aimed to:

  • Highlight the main pressing issues that face the international harmful algal bloom (HAB) science community, including e.g. toxin-related challenges, impacts of aquaculture on HAB occurrences, the potential climate change impacts on HABs occurrence in freshwater and marine ecosystems, etc.

  • Identify specific activities to address these topics.

  • Facilitate interactions among scientists interested in implementing GlobalHAB-related activities

  • Discuss science/stakeholder forums to assess the potential socio-economic impacts of HAB occurrences and to engage the medical community to improve human health protection.

  • Foster and develop links with existing international and regional initiatives that have HAB research among their priorities, fundamental for the implementation of GlobalHAB.