Global Harmful Algal Blooms


GlobalHAB Science and Implementation Plan - Download.


GlobalHAB. 2023. Fish-Killing Marine Algal Blooms: Causative Organisms, Ichthyotoxic Mecha-nisms, Impacts and Mitigation. (eds G.M. Hallegraeff, et al).  Paris, UNESCO-IOC/SCOR, 96pp. (IOC Manuals and Guides, 93). DOI:


GlobalHAB. 2021. Guidelines for the Study of Climate Change Effects on HABs.Paris, UNESCO-IOC/SCOR. M. Wells et al. (eds.) (IOC Manuals and Guides no 88). Editorial Board: Wells, M.L., Burford, M., Kremp, A., Montresor, M. and Pitcher, G.C.


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M.A. Burford et al. 2019. Solutions for managing cyanobacterial blooms: A scientific summary for policy makers. IOC/UNESCO, Paris (IOC/INF-1382). Download.

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